Our Zoom and Studio Classes

Fitness Pilates

Locations: Zoom
Class Length: 45 minutes

Based on the traditional Pilates exercises, these classes are functional, building on obtaining better posture and mobility. Exercises are done both standing and on the floor. They are slow and controlled and target all areas of the body but particularly the core (stomach, back and bottom).

Many different types of stretches are included and there are progressions offered for exercises to allow a mixed group of people to take part and work at their own level. They are classes that also help focus the mind and make you concentrate on you and can help you improve your mental health.

We have different levels of class to suit participants better and to assist with mental health we have a short stretch and relax at the end of each Pilates session.


Locations: Zoom
Class Length: 30 minutes

These classes are done using light hand-weights or resistance bands. They are both standing and floor-based. They give an increased heart rate but without any impact thus improving cardiovascular fitness. The resistance of the weights and the bands can help improve muscle strength and tone without building muscle, maintain flexibility and balance, improve bone strength and help with weight-management.

Very suitable for those who want a bit more. We also offer some faster resistance classes incorporating cardio exercises.

Legs, Bums and Tums

Locations: Zoom
Class Length: 30 minutes

Legs, bums and tums very effectively works exactly what it says. Focused compound and isolation exercises to target leg, glute and abdominal muscles for a 30 minute workout.

Exercises are performed slowly with control, but are structured in a way that gets the heart and lungs working hard while you proceed through the workout targeting muscles. A wide variety of exercises and training methods to keep the class fun and different but always challenging and super effective.

Pilates with Equipment

Locations: Zoom
Class Length: 40 minutes

Using the Fitness Pilates exercises and adding in equipment such as tennis balls, resistance bands and bender balls. These give variety to the exercises and a different focus. Equipment can also aid with stretching, tight muscles, and help core work.

We love the equipment and can find lots of different ways of performing a core exercise.

A group of people interval training

Pilates Intervals

Locations: Zoom
Class Length: 30/40 minutes

A 30/40-minute class using the Pilates moves you have learnt in class and putting them together to create a constant flow class that gently raises the heart rate but with no impact.

Class starts with a more dynamic warm-up and then moves through the exercises in intervals with active rest and stretching in between.

Options for different levels are given. It’s faster, fun & feels good!

Some classes require specific fitness equipment such as mats, weights, resistance bands and balls. If you require any advice or assistance with purchasing these, please contact Sarah who will be happy to help you.

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Our instructors

Meet our Instructors

We're Sarah and Will, and we are fitness professionals who genuinely care about the health, fitness, and wellbeing of all of our clients. We specialise in Fitness Pilates and are both Level 3 trained.

We also run other classes, including weights, abs, and cardio, that are interval-based, which, in line with the latest research, assists with heart health and improves fitness levels and the ability to fat burn.

You can find out much more about Sarah and Will on their profile page.