15 June 2024

I am an all rounder Health and Fitness specialist and I want to share some of the subjects that my clients often ask me about:

Supplements is something that can be a bit of a controversial subject and a bit of a minefield and also personal preference.

 I do take supplements and I have experimented with lots of different ones over the years. I do eat a good diet at least 80% of the time which is important but I do feel that we don’t always get all the nutrients we need and that at particular times/phases of our life we do need a boost to get our body into that great condition that we want it to be in.

What supplements are my game changes?

  • Magnesium really helps me to improve the quality of my sleep which I have struggled with for years
  • Vitamin C for general vitality, energy and to boost the immune system. I like to use the effervescent tablets and put them in my daily water to drink throughout the day.
  • Zinc – Personally I often struggle if I am lacking in Zinc especially my immune system and my throat and lets face it teaching regular classes means a lot of talking!
  •  Vitamin D – I can’t stress enough the importance of vitamin D especially with the lack of sunshine that we get in the UK!

Tips for taking supplements

  • Please ensure the supplements you are taking don’t counteract any other medication that you may be on – always check that first
  • Buy good quality supplements not the cheap ‘bargains’ – you really do get what you pay for
  • Build up slowly – when you start taking a supplement sometimes the supplement instructions say take multiple a day but don’t start with that take 1 a day and slowly build up if required and with no adverse reactions. We all have a different body composition and we are not all designed to take the same number of tablets.
  • Give the supplements time to work – they come in monthly or more pots/packages  for a reason. Don’t take for a few days and then say this isn’t working – give it time – as they say Rome wasn’t built in a day!

Hope this helps.

Sarah x