16 March 2023

Do you do resistance exercises regularly? Do you know the benefits of working with resistance?

You can use hand weights, kettlebells, barbells, long bands, activation bands and your own body weight to add resistance to your workouts – I focus on hand weights/ bands and some own bodyweight in my workouts for you

Weighted workouts have many benefits throughout the ages and NO they don’t make you bulky. They are particularly important in your peri/menopausal years and post menopause. As you get older you need to focus on getting stronger.

I am running a Weighted Workout Workshop where I give you lots of information about the benefits and demonstrations on the type of resistance and exercises that are most beneficial.

Wednesday 22nd March 11-11.45am Live on Zoom or recorded and emailed to you to watch at your own convenience. Book online go to the calendar and click on the 22nd and Book – simple!