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Do you do resistance exercises regularly? Do you know the benefits of working with resistance?

You can use hand weights, kettlebells, barbells, long bands, activation bands and your own body weight to add resistance to your workouts – I focus on hand weights/ bands and some own bodyweight in my workouts for you

Weighted workouts have many benefits throughout the ages and NO they don’t make you bulky. They are particularly important in your peri/menopausal years and post menopause. As you get older you need to focus on getting stronger.

I am running a Weighted Workout Workshop where I give you lots of information about the benefits and demonstrations on the type of resistance and exercises that are most beneficial.

Wednesday 22nd March 11-11.45am Live on Zoom or recorded and emailed to you to watch at your own convenience. Book online go to the calendar and click on the 22nd and Book – simple!

It’s all about Balance!

In all my pilates classes we work on a level of balance with or without support – this helps with your posture, helping to keep you upright & help to reduce injury risk.

You can practice your balance anywhere!

What is Pilates Intervals?

Pilates Intervals is a series of Pilates moves performed interval style with stretches in between each move. A combination of standing and matwork exercises which gives a flowing class that is more invigorating than other Pilates classes, gives your mental health a great boost and makes you feel good!

Feel Fit and Fabulous in February

January can be a hard month for many and this year even more so with illness, the cold, the dark mornings and nights the news and sometimes it takes longer to get going and get your mojo back after Christmas and maybe you haven’t done as much as you wanted to do and I understand this – I eagerly await Spring and the lighter days and it took time for me to recover from a virus I had over Christmas but January is now behind us – its starting to get lighter and its time to make exercise a habit again, its time to get fresh air and go for regular walks and get your body and mind back into better shape with Fitness Pilates and/or Weights classes – exercise gives you more energy, puts you in a better state of mind and makes you feel more positive. Don’t be hard on yourself if you don’t just leap in just make a commitment to do something regularly – CONSISTENCY IS KEY!

Join my Fitness Pilates and/or Weighted resistance online classes and feel on top of the world!

Candlelight Pilates

Over the winter months with the dark nights I have been running a Candlelight Pilates class on a Thursday evening creating our own home atmosphere with tea lights/candles/lamps/dimmed lights I have taught a series of Pilates exercises interspersed with greater stretches and all to some relaxing quiet background music. The session ends with a stretch and relax and we finish feeling both stretched and relaxed as a client said ‘Everyone should have a Candlelight Pilates session in their lives’ The lighter nights will soon be with us and so the last 2 sessions of Candlelight Pilates are Thursday 9th Feb and a Valentines special on Tuesday 14th Feb 2023

Sit back and stretch by candlelight
My home studio set up for Candlelight Pilates

Fitness Pilates using a Resistance Band

Resistance bands are a very effective stretching tool – they come with different resistance levels and are cheap to buy – they can also help people perform some exercises better and more effectively as they can hold you in position better

Each week I run a Pilates with equipment class which enhances the Pilates moves and makes it fun and gives a different aspect to the moves.

Introduction to Fitness Pilates

I teach Fitness Pilates which is based on the traditional Pilates moves but more functional as we don’t spend all our time lying down. My classes combine standing exercises working on shoulders, balance, posture and strength in the legs. Then we move to floor work which is predominantly core based which is stomach, glutes and back and we also combine stretches – alternatives are always given. We end with a short relax.